Some vegetarian statistics

I found some stats that I’ve been looking for via a press release from *cough* Vegetarian Times, stating how many people in the United States are vegetarians.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 15 /PRNewswire/ — The just-released “Vegetarianism in America” study, published by Vegetarian Times (, shows that 3.2 percent of U.S. adults, or 7.3 million people, follow a vegetarian-based diet. Approximately 0.5 percent, or 1 million, of those are vegans, who consume no animal products at all.

If true (given the usual caveats for polls to have a margin of errors), this means that there are more vegetarians in the U.S than there are Mormons, Jewish folks, or even Presbyterians at least according to this study (PDF warning!).

And then there’s this -

In addition, 10 percent of U.S., adults, or 22.8 million people, say they
largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet.

Being vegetarian-inclined is like a sorority pledge claiming that they still believe in their virginity and sobriety even after having a drunken tryst with Todd, the Sigma Kappa who got them into the mixer at no charge. It’s a nice thought that may let folks sleep easier at night. But let’s be clear – there’s already a word for someone who is ‘vegetarian-inclined’. It’s called an “omnivore” and it represents 96.8% of the rest of the country.