Starbucks and…innovation?

Look, I know you folks over at Starbucks are scrambling to find anything to grasp in order to keep yourselves relevant. But instant coffee?

The new product, called Via, will be sold at Starbucks stores in packs of three for $2.95 and packs of 12 for $9.95, according to the Wall Street Journal. Customers can “brew” the coffee by emptying the granules into hot water.

Really? Is that the best you can come up with? Wasn’t the point of Starbucks, way back in the day some thirty years ago, was to provide an experience that was an alternative to the instant-coffee culture that affected America back then?

And even if your new instant coffee is a “transformational product” (a phrase so loaded with PR embellishment, that it’s comical), it still doesn’t address the core issues surrounding your company, namely massive and costly expansion, and paper thin profit margins.

Or to put it another way, if roasted blends, smoothies, and breakfast foods didn’t bring them in, why should instant coffee?