Starbucks and McDonald’s according to the New York Times

Let me summarize the two key points in the New York Times piece entitled The Breakfast Wars:

  • Starbucks is hoping that their breakfast sandwiches aren’t as crappy as their pastries.
  • McDonald’s hoping that their new coffee isn’t as crappy as their old brew.

For the record, Starbuck’s new sandwiches are horrible. As noted in the article, when they cool down, they become nearly inedible.

As for McDonald’s – I haven’t eaten there in a long while, but I do note that here in the Pac NW, they are using Seattle’s Best, which is only marginally better than their old drip coffee. Seattle’s Best is also owned by Starbucks, which I find ironic, considering the points made in the New York Times piece.

Side Note: I’m of the belief that if the word “Best” is anywhere in the company name or a product that a company sells, they should have to prove it.

And yes, it seems as if I’m in a bit of a mood today.

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