Staying True To Your (Cooking) Self

Well, readers, I bid you adieu from my Thursday guest blogger post. I’ve really had a great time here with the whole AH crew – fellow writers, Kate, and all the readers.

The best part of writing here has been has been finding my food voice. When I joined Daily Blender early last year, I was part of a business channel, so I adapted the content to really focus on just the food and beverage news. Celebs, industry happenings, recalls – all kinds of things, as long as it was just news.

Here at Accidental Hedonist, the format is a bit different however, and I was a little uneasy when I began. I tried a few restaurant reviews, I tried a few travel pieces. In the end, I found that I received the most response from posts where I just went with the voice that was most comfortable. The voice that’s just me.

As a visitor to this weekend’s Aspen Food & Wine Classic, I realized that cooking is really the same way. Everyone has a personal interest, utilizing equipment, recipes, and ingredients that are valuable to them as individuals. Some of a small fan base, some have a fan base of thousands, but most are doing what they’re doing because they love it – because it fulfills something within them, because it’s the voice that’s most comfortable, because it’s just them.

Thank you, Kate, for giving me the opportunity to find my voice.