Supermarket Find: Products bad with Math

Sometimes finding products that demonstrate a fair amount of willfull stupidity is as easy as finding someone who hates Ashlee Simpson. The trick is knowing where to look. “Energy” drinks (henceforth referred to as their actual name — soda), are one such product found in the supermarket where it’s quite easy to find something to mock.

Today, I mock a soda called “Twisted Chopper”, a drink most likely marketed to those who Tivo Monster Garage on a regular basis.

There’s so much to point out on this canned soda. I could point out how they promote temselves to the “rebel” market with a paragraph printed on the side of the can which ends with: “Live life how you want”. However, what I really want to point out is just how horrible at math this product seems to be. This is demonstrated with two pieces of evidence.

Part one: On the bottom of the can, below the “Nutrition Facts” section, is this little paragraph:

WARNING: do not consume more than 2 servings per sitting. Not recommended for children, pregnant women, people with heart conditions, or people sensitive to caffeine or niacin.

So how many servings are in this can of Twisted Chopper beverage? The beverage that recommends drinking no more than 2 servings per sitting?

That’d be 3. There are three servings of this product in this 23.5 oz can.

Part 2: On the top of the rim of the can lists several lines that state that this drink provides the maximum of several ingredients. The can clearly reads “Maximum B12″ at one location on the can.

Not in the nutritional Facts section though. There, the amount of b12 is listed at 80%. Of course, that’s per serving, so if you have two servings, you’ve clearly crossed your b12 threshold for the day.

It’s a small thing, I know, and it’s clear that I’m being petty. I do find these little tidbits of information amusing.

Thanks to Michelle for pointing this out to me.

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