Supermarket Finds: Cahill Whiskey Cheese

I’m not sure if I’m built like most other people. Y’see, I actually like going to the supermarket. I like coming across an item that is new to me, and seeing if I find it a tasty treat or a waste of my time.

The best place to do this in the better supermarkets is the cheese section. One can determine just how with it their market buyers are buy looking at the selection of cheese available to them. If your market is stuck with nothing but cheese logs and bright orange blocks of “cheddar”, then you should consider finding a new place to shop. If your market has a rotation of imported cheeses from the likes of France, England, and Italy, then you’ve got a decent shop. If your market has cheeses from the places listed above, and as well as cheese from Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, and Spain, then that market should be cherished.

It was the latter type of supermarket where I found Cahill’s Whiskey Cheese, an Irish Cheddar flavor with a bit of a wee dram. It has a light golden tint, and is softer than one might expect from a cheddar, breaking apart almost like a feta.

I’m partial to chaddars of all sorts, so it’s difficult for one to fail my tastings. This one was no exception to my bias. The sharp tang one expects from a cheddar was still there and obvious. Less so obvious was a fruit-sweet, almost banana-like taste that came along for a ride. It was only on the finish that the whiskey made itself known, but without the strong alcoholic-kick one might be expecting. I’ve read other tastings on this cheese where they tasted the whiskey before tasting the cheddar, but I had just the opposite experience.

Overall, the Whiskey Cheese is a very good, if not great cheese. It works quite well on the more savory crackers out there, and will fit nice into any cheddar fan’s rotation.