Supermarket Finds: Coconut Soda (Coco Rico)

One of my favorite supermarkets to frequent is Uwajimaya, a specialty supermarket that specializes in imported food from various regions of Asia. This is the type of market where I am just as likely to find dried shrimp eggs as a can of Campbells soup. It’s there I can find all manner of products unfamiliar and untried.

It’s there that I picked up this can of Coco Rico, a Puerto Rican coconut soda. It’s your typical soda made with cane and corn sugar as well as coconut extract. Never one to be fearful of the unknown, I picked up the can and brought it home.

Aroma: I could easily smell the sweetness of the drink. So much so, that it overwhelmed the subtle aroma of the coconut.

Taste: A very sweetened club soda, with the taste of coconut milk. The end result of this is that if one likes the taste of coconut milk (an admittedly acquired taste), then there is a chance of liking this soda. If one does not like the taste of coconut milk, then the chances of liking this soda are slim.

Having grown up on the overly sweetened yet subtlety savory colas and Dr. Peppers, I find this soda lacking. In my opinion, it’s an unremarkable soda. In looking over the internet, I find that some like this soda, while others feel that this soda is not what it used to be.

Despite my disappointment in this soda, I am not jaded. I am looking forward to my next trip to Uwajimaya and the unknown bounty that awaits.

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