Supermarket Finds: Ramuné Soft Drink

Ramuné, according to Wikipedia, is a Japanese Soft Drink with ties that go all the way back to 1876. My bottle, the one pictured here, said that it was produced in Torrence, California, likely to cheapen the cost of importing.

The flavors of Ramuné include such stand-by’s as lemon-lime, strawberry, and raspberry. They also have flavors that include curry and octopus, ideas so foreign to me that they make me instantly want to go out and try them.

But the flavors aren’t what caught my attention. Instead, take a look at the smaller picture and see if you can make out what is in each bottle of Ramuné.

Each bottle contains a small marble within. I’m not sure why this astounds me so, but it does. I’m quite certain that I’ve never seen a mass-marketed soft-drink with a small choking hazard contained within. I’m not sure if using the marble to seal the drink is traditional or a new feature, but I do find it odd regardless. Especially as making the marble the means to open the drink requires labeling that suggests parental supervision.