Supermarket Finds: Starbucks Seattle Latte

I realize that I should not be surprised when I come across items such as this. After all, Seattle is known for its coffee passion, and Starbucks is from Seattle.

Still, there’s something a little jarring to be thousands of miles away in Copenhagen, Denmark, and come across this sort of product. It’s as if the head honchos in Starbuck’s marketing department are trying to convince the Danes that Seattle is an exotic land of coffee weirdness, and that they (and by extension, those of us who actually live in the city) have insight into the bean that very few others in the world do.

In fact, the label (written in English so as to sell in several other European countries without incurring further printing costs), tries to make that exact point.

For those of you who can’t read the graphic, it states:

Savoured all across Seattle, where Starbucks opened its first store in 1971, Starbucks Caffe Latte inspired this beverage, a delicious blend of our signature Fairtrade certified Espresso Roast and milk.

I think what’s throwing me is the phrase “Savoured all across Seattle”, which implies that the citizenry of the Emerald City are having little culinary orgasms when consuming a latte, an idea which is as laughable as it is disturbing.

It also implies that Starbucks is the only choice for the coffee aficionado in Seattle, an idea which is simply preposterous to those of us who make a daily choice between Starbucks and six other non-Starbucks coffee-shops within walking distance from our homes. And I say all of this as someone who has a Starbucks card. That I have cards for five other coffee shops is my point. Most of us Seattle-ites don’t pine after Starbucks, we pine after coffee.