Sweetriot Chocolate covered cacoa nibs

It was a dark and rainy afternoon. I was working on a case, and the my energy levels were lower than the numbers on the Chilean stock market. Things were looking bad. Real bad.

That’s when they came into my life, looking like bowl of potpourri in a Martha Stewart demonstration. They were looked like they belonged. They called themselves Nibs – Chocolate covered Nibs. From a company called Sweetriot they said.

They were crunchy, they were sweet and they were decadent. They were decadent in the same way that key that Paris Hilton is overexposed. To put it bluntly, they were just what I needed.

I looked at their container, covered with art. I shook the container and smiled at the “CLACKITY-CLACK”. I opened the container and the chocolate nibs jumped into my hand. I had one, then another and then three dozen more. They were good. Real good. They were good in ways that would make grown men and Kraft executives cry.

And simple as well. They’re cocao nibs covered with chocolate. I was given options as well…50% dark chocolate, 65% dark chocolate and 70% dark chocolate. Sweet, sweet chocolate.

They were just what I needed at the time I needed them. I raised the package in a sign of respect to Sweetriot. They made my day.

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