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More Food Porn: Advocaat

I’ve seen advocaat sold in the United States, specifically in the liquor stores in the state of Washington. But it’s look, with the custard like goop that pours from a bottle, made it seem somewhere between a novelty to outright unappetizing. I figured that if I waited, an opportune moment would appear.

Low and behold, on an autumn night in Ghent, in a small little cafe where candlelight was the only means of illumination, the menu offered this drink. I ordered.

The best way I can describe advocaat is an egg custard made with brandy. We took to calling it “liquor pudding”, as it’s presentation was that similar to the Jello brands we all know and love in the States. And now, having sampled this dish, finding it sold in liquor bottles seems even more ludicrous, akin to finding flavored gelatin sold in glass ketchup bottles.

No, I believe the best way to find a decent advocaat in the States is to make it yourself. Something I plan to do soon after I get back.