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Arancini di Riso

An extremely cute coworker recently made lunch for and surprised me. She served something I’d not heard of, much less tasted before… small rice croquettes with mozzarella filling. They were called arancini. She served them with curried pineapple, a nice touch as the arancini was good, but a bit bland.

Apparently, arancini were developed as antipasti snacks in Sicily. But I think arancini would make a better a side dish or appetizer than a main course or singular snack. I think the consistency, texture, and mild taste would work well to accompany a spicy canneloni or lemon marinated tuna steak, for example.

I dug about on the internet a bit and managed to come up with what sounds like a fabulous recipe from Kyle Phillips. It’s pasted (and slightly formatted) below. With luck, I can convince Accidental Hedonist’s lovely hostess to make this dish as part of her rice research.