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Pilsner Varieties


If you all want me to talk about pilsners (and, according to the polling, you do), the first thing we have to cover is that there is more than one kind of pilsner out there.  As a point of fact, the Beer Judging Certification Program(BJCP) * recognizes three varieties of pilsners. They are -

  1. German Pilsner  aka “Pils”
  2. Bohemian Pilsener
  3. Classic American Pilsner

The German Pilsner is, historically, a derivative of the Bohemian Pilsener, and the Classic American, thanks to German immigration in the mid-to-late 1800′s, is an amalgam of both German and Bohemian, with a healthy dose of American ingredients thrown in to boot.

As I talk about Pilsners, I’m going to start in Bohemia, work my way over to Germany, and then discuss German immigration in the 1800′s, and its effect on our brewing culture here in the States.

I expect to get fully into this sometime in the next week or so, so bear with me on this.

* Note: As with anything I do with the BJCP , it’s important to note that I use them as a starting point, recognizing that information and experience I uncover may expand beyond the boundaries that their style guides impose.  While I have a healthy dose of respect for the BJCP, brewing  and its history is nuanced enough to unable to be captured by any given 250 word entry.