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Breast Milk Cheese Update

A few days ago, Meg over at Megnut talked about the woman attempting to make “human cheese” with her own supply of frozen breast milk. Her attempt failed, but fret not, human cheese fans…Slog has directed me to this page, which has the opening paragraph:

Fondée en 1947, la fromagerie Cosma a su retrouver la richesse d’une tradition fermière ancestrale Ardennaise oubliée jusqu’alors. En effet, le Petit Singly, le seul fromage au lait maternel de femme, est longtemps resté dans l’ombre des spécialités fromagères plus ordinaires à base de lait de vache, de chèvre, ou de brebis.

Which, once thrown into babelfish, turns out thusly:

Founded in 1947, the Cosma cheese dairy knew to find the richness of a farm tradition ancestral Ardennaise forgotten hitherto. Indeed, Small Singly, the only cheese with the mother’s milk of woman, remained a long time in the shade of the more ordinary cheese-making specialities containing ewe or goat, cow’s milk.

(emphasis mine, btw)

Okay, two things – one, would those of you who have far more experience with the French language verify the translation. And two – I personally didn’t think it was chemically possible.

Finally, before I eat any breast milk cheese, I have a few questions. Did all the milk come from one woman or did several contribute to the process. And I want to know exactly what the woman/women ate before hand. Did they eat a lot of salads? Or did they subsist off of pickles and saurkraut?