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A little quiz for ya’

What’s wrong with this website?

A simple WHOIS can help fill out the picture a bit…

Center for Consumer Freedom
1775 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20006


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Center for Consumer Freedom ******@ConsumerFreedom.com
1775 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20006

I’ve talked about Center for Consumer Freedom before.
This Political Action Committee was originally created with funding from the tobacco industry to fight bans on cigarette smoking in restaurants. They then turned towards fighting efforts by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to lower the legal allowable blood alcohol limit.

Now their website is trying to say that the “reference dose” of mercury that EPA, FDA and the National Academy of Sciences all say is the upper safe limit for methyl mercury consumption is not correct.

You don’t think that the CCF has gotten any money from the fish industry lately, do you?

Politics and Food. It’s whats good for ya’.

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Food Politics redux

In my recent post linking to Mark Morford’s most excellent column about supermarkets, a reader commented the following:

What does republican have to do with this rant – albeit his point is an excellent one, why politicize it? The dems have taken lots of money from the Safeway/Vons/Albertsons of the world. Starbucks – the Safeway of the coffe industry – is all Dem. So not sure why you have to politicize this. Get over it.

Let me address the statement “not sure why you have to politicize this”, by offering the following links:

  • Washington Post

Now at first glance at the headlines, these stories look as if there’s a group of people simply offering a different perpsective on the obesity epidemic. But when you get into the details of these stories, something becomes very clear. Restaurants and other members of the food industry understand that when people talk of healthy eating, it will affect their bottom line. A smaller bottom line means disappointed investors and stock owners, which means a lower stock price. These companies have a vested interest in preventing people from eating healthy. This is why they have started giving money to lobbying group called the Center for Consumer Freedom .

This group, which also has lobbied for the tobacco industry, is run by Richard Berman, who also happens to own Berman & Co a public affairs group. He also founded two other restaurant-supported groups: the American Beverage Institute, which fights restrictions on alcohol use, and the Employment Policies Institute Foundation, which has argued against raising the minimum wage. For a heads-on review of just who Richard Berman is, read this.

The end result of this? One needs only to look as far as Pennsylvania’s proposed legislation (warning…snarky sign-in required).

My point to ALL of this? I politicize because I feel it’s best to point these things out. I politicize, because the people to whom I give my money politicize. All I ask for is a little transparency. I tihnk it’s important to know that the major players in the food chain…the Monsantos, the Conagras, the Safeways, often make decisions that have the stockholders of these companies in mind, rather than the purveryors of their services…the consumer.

Knowledge may be a dangerous thing, but a lack of knowledge? Even moreso.

Thanks for U.S. Food Policy for the heads up. Book mark his site fer cryin’ out loud