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4,000 year old Noodles

This is a story for all of you food trivia buffs out there – all fourteen of you.

Noodles have been claimed to have been developed in the regions now known as Italy, Germany, Korea, Thailand, Japan and China. The Problem was that most evidence was anecdotal. Until now.

According to the San Fran Chronicle “Chinese researchers may have finally settled the contentious question by unearthing a 4,000-year-old container of noodles in northwestern China.”

What were the conditions that allowed the noodles to last the 4 thousand years? Reports that the Chinese word for “Kraft Foods Inc.” may provide a clue, but these claims are in dispute.

In all seriousness, this is a fairly cool discovery. It should be noted that the noodles were made not of wheat, but rather from millet.