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Product Comparison: Fudge is my Life vs. Hershey’s Syrup

Fudge is my Life We’ve got a new feature here at the Hedonist, brought on in large part to the fact that people keep wanting to send me free stuff and write about it on this blog (partly, I’m sure, under the assumption that I can mold people’s opinions I suppose…an idea which I find a little laughable. But also because any press is good press).

After writing up some guidelines that I thought would discourage a great amount of people from sending me such products, I still recieved requests for me to write about some company’s products. As I couldn’t actually see myself writing about a single product without feeling a little dirty and a little corrupt, I figured I had to approach the posts surrounding these products in a different manner from how I write about most foods that I’ve posted on this site. The idea of product comparisons came to me, and it felt right. I could accept free products, compare them against another similar product, and give an honest opinion. Granted, it’s not a revolutionary idea, but at least it gives me a reason to write about the product other than “someone sent me a free something-or-another and I feel obligated to write about it”.

Which brings me to Lillian Maremont of Fudge is my Life. She sent me an e-mail stating that she read my guidelines, agreed to them, and wanted to send me free stuff anyways. I said “oookay”, and next thing I know, I have to free jars of chocolate sauce now in my refridgerator. True to my word, I’ve compared her Dark Chocolate Sauce against her competitor, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.

There are two reasons why I took a shine to Lillian and her product, even before sampling it. First, the name makes me smile. “Fudge is my Life”: There are darn few proclamations on food packages, and none that state such a devoted passion. Secondly, Lillian knew which buttons to press with me, stating that that her product contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup.

So let’s get on with the comparison, shall we? First things, first: FIML is more of a batter than a sauce. When I opened the jar, aside from the waft of fudge aroma that hit me, I noted how…well…solid the sauce was. It has the consitency of cross between cookie dough and brownie batter. In reading the instructions, I found out that you turn this solid into a liquid my either placing the jar in hot water, or microwaving it.

Tastewise, there’s no doubt that this is chocolate. From the moment it hits your tongue to the point where it finally fades off of your taste buds, the fudgy taste is there all the time. Yes, there are other tastes there as well (honey, cream, etc), but this is a chocolate sauce from beginning to end.

Compare this to the Hershey’s syrup, which is just sweet at first. I had to wait 2-3 seonds before I could taste anything that resembled a cocoa taste. No contest, Fudge is my Life is better.

Fudge is my Life also performed well on Ice cream, and would very easily make a decent icing for cakes and cookies. When compared against Hershey’s syrup, Hershey’s wouldn’t have a chance.

If I had one complaint (and I do), it would be that the sauces tend to make less than appealing chocolate milk. Not due to its taste, mind you, but due to its consistency. Spooning the heated sauce into cold milk seemed to instantly seize the sauce, and reverted it back to it’s near solid starting point. I suppose one could temper the sauce with a bit of cold milk at a time, then re-heating the milk/sauce each time more milk had been added, but who wants to put that much work into Chocolate Milk?

Overall, I like the product. I absolutely want to try the Mocha/Chocolate and Ginger/Chocolate sauces. If I saw it in the store and was contemplating baking chocolate goods, I might purchase it. But at $7.50 a jar, I can see other people who consider both cost and taste possibly eschewing this product for cheaper alternatives.

In conclusion? Tastes great, better than Hershey’s! Works well with ice cream and baked goods. Iffy to poor at chocolate milk. More expensive than Hershey’s. Here ends my first product comparison.