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Meta-blogging the Boston Globe Article and Food Blogs

Let’s do some meta-blogging eh?

Last week, I exchaged a few e-mails with Ethan Gilsdorf in regard to the Food Blog Awards. Today? His article on Food Blogs has been published in the Boston Globe.

My take? I enjoyed it, as it gave those new to blogging a quick overview and some first hand accounts (including my own). My only qualm with it the same one I have with most articles on blogs…that it shows as a collection of nominally-obsessed hobbyists (You see this same perspective when they talk about Political Blogs). The reality is that blogging is a new medium that has yet to find its full potential. Focused correctly, it can have an affect upon a collective conscious.

I could go into my own perspective on what Content Management Systems(such as typepad, Blogger, B2Evolution, etc) can add to journalism, writing and other related industries. That’s best left to when I have had a drink or two and a good meal in front of me.

The reality of Food Blogs is that there is some remarkable writing going on in the food blog community. Posts that I would state as good as or better than some of the articles in Saveur or Gourmet. I could say that sometime in the near future, someone will recognize this fact and act upon it.

I could say that, but I’d be wrong. It’s already happened. Clotilde at Chocolate & Zucchini is becoming her own small cottage industry, and let’s not forget Julie Powell at the long-departed Julie/Julia project who was able to secure a book contract that she describes as “a really obscene book deal”.

Now let’s be honest, not all Food Bloggers are going to have that kind of success. But the precedent has been set. I’ll repeat it again so we’re clear on this. Blogging is a new medium who’s full potential has not yet been realized. Food Blogs are at least as effective in distributing information about the various food industries as anything published by Conde Nast, if not more so.

It’s time we recognized that.