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Seattle CSA’s

For those of you in the Seattle area who were wanting to partake of a Community Supported Agriculture program, Pike Place Market is currently accepting accplications for the 2005 growing season.

Of course, there are other CSA’s to choose from as well, if Pike Place doesn’t pickle your eggs.

Community Supported Agriculture

It’s that time of the year to start planning your CSA account.

You don’t know what a CSA is? It’s an acronym for “Community Supported Agriculture“, and it connects Farmers directly with consumers, cutting out the middle men of produce.

For a pre-determined price, you get a regularly delivered basket of farm raised goodies. Or if you’re big on travel, you can pick up the basket at a pre-determined location. There are several benefits from having a CSA account, including:

  • Providing farmers with direct outlets for farm products and ensuring fair compensation.
  • Strengthens local economies by keeping food dollars in local communities.
  • Directly linking producers with consumers allowing people to have a personal connection with their food and the land on which it was produced.

My favorite bit about CSA’s? The basket is often different week to week, depending on what’s in season. It forces you to cook to the season. Additional benefit? My money goes to farmers rather than the bastards at the industrial farms.

This year, I think I’m going to work with the Pike Place Market CSA. Since sign up starts in early Feburary, it’s probably a good time to start your own research.