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More Food Porn: Country Benedict


For a while, I considered dropping the “More Food Porn” kinda posts, because they didn’t seem to fit in with what the website is evolving into. But then I took a look at this picture and said “Y’know…food porn is exactly one of the things I would like to see on this site.”

The reason is simple – nothing captures a singular joy about a simple topic than a good picture. And when I see this picture, I see joy.

Granted, the joy comes from the memory of Tara taking me down to a small greasy spoon by where she works and treating me to breakfast.  But the place she took me to, a little hole-in-the-wall called Loretta’s, represents a lot of what I enjoy about food. Done well, it doesn’t have to be fancy or full of pretense. It just has to be good…

…and, perhaps, run the risk of a major coronary event.