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Last Meals – Dinner

We’ve done Breakfast, and then Lunch. Now it’s time for your final meal – if you could pick your final menu, what would you have for you last dinner?

I’ve given this great thought and had to reconsider many choices. In fact, tomorrow this entire menu could be re-vamped. But for today it goes as follows:

I’d start of with a nice glass of traditional Absinthe, served in the traditional manner.

Then a plate of cured meats, artisinal cheeses, a variety of olives, and almonds, served with a glass of Riesling (the sweetness complementing the saltiness of the olive and meats, and the umami of the cheeses).

For an appetizer, I would have malfatti and Arancini di Riso served with a nice sparkling water.

The main course gets a little tricky, but I settled on Filetto di Maiale Farcito – Roast pork loin stuffed with olives and dried tomatoes. For the side dishes I’d have some garlic orzo, and spinach & mushroom topped with a lighter sauce made from the fronds and fat of the pork loin. To drink, I’d go against the grain and have a nice Chianti, spicy, but not overly so.

For Dessert? That’s simple – The El Diablo – an extremely moist chocolate cake topped with cinnamon, a touch of cayenne pepper, and caramelized meringue with spiced almonds. For those of you here in Seattle, Tango on Pike St. has it on their menu.

Finish off with a Latte with a shot of Irish Mist,and I can die a happy person.

So, what’s your final meal?

UPDATE: Hillary over at Chew on That posted this question to other popular food bloggers. Check out their responses here.