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Tasting Notes: Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Prior to starting this site, I was on an acquaitance with fruits or veggies, rather than being close friends and chums. Oh sure, I’d nod to them in the hallways, and even invite them over to eat from time to time. But this was a mere formality — something required to do.

So in the exploration over the past two years or so have opened my eyes to new options beyond that apple/orange/banana reptitiveness that had turned me off to begin with. Take the dragon fruit. Please.

Sure, they look like something from outer space, but its frighteneing facade belies a wonderful taste for which the word “subtlety” was created.

Also called Thang loy, pitaya, cactus fruit, or strawberry pear, these fruits come from cacti of the genus Hylocereus. Originating in Central and South America, they are now also grown in Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, and most importantly — California.

Eyes: An odd fruit, its skin is a leathery hot pink (although some can be yellow). But when you slice it open, it’s meat is white, but nearly translucent. So a fair amount of it’s coloring comes from the plethora of black seeds also inside. This gives the meat a odd gray appearance.

Nose: A very clean and subdued aroma, unlike other fruits. The best I could come up with is sweetened celery or very subdued kiwi.

Taste: It’s texture is very odd. You can spoon the meat of the fruit out like a melon. It’s texture is a bit granular in a veggie kind of way. Its taste? Like a lightly sweetened tapioca. It’s also quite watery.

Overall: I’m pleasantly surprised and quite thrilled that Tara brought this over for breakfast. A wonderufl surprise. I will seek this out to purchase it (which is the best honor one can give a product).