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Hurricane Katrina Restaurant Blog

From their site:

“Find out how restaurateurs are reacting to the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. Through our “Restaurants Respond” update, we’ll help spread the word about operators who organize fundraisers, employers trying to contact employees and personal accounts of restaurateurs affected by the devastation.”

Thanks to Josh for the tip.

Waiter Rant

I don’t do this enough… I know that. I should be linking to sites I read more often. There’s no better place to start than by reading Waiter Rant…particularly this entry.

WBW 5.0 Announcement: Wacky-name wines

The latest WBW (Wine Blogging Wednesday‘s for the uninitiated) has been announced, with it’s topic being wines with Wacky Names. It’s to be hosted by chez pim and it promises to be…well…interesting.

Be there on Jan 26, 2005.

WWWBW 2.0: Spanish Red

For those of you who have not heard yet, the next Wine Blogging Wednesday is coming October 6th. Hosted by vinography, the topic du mois is Spanish Red wine.

World Wide Wine Blogging Wednesday is a meme started by Lenndeavors and encourages everyone on the web to drink and rate various wines,a nd then record their results.

Now to the important question… is sangria a red?

Now, my