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McDonald’s stubs toe, twice in one week

In the course of a slapstick comedy, it’s often funny to watch someone slipping on a banana peel. When the same person immediately slips on yet another, entirely new banana peel, it brings me to the point of outight chortling. Such is the flavor of my schadenfreude in regard to the latest McDonald’s news events.

First it was their admission that their french fries have more trans fat in them than initially thought. Now? Now it’s the fact that they use that wheat and dairy ingredients are used to flavor the french fries, a claim not previously made.

It cannot be a good week at McDonald’s corporate PR office.

The question is: Why does this matter?

If McDonald’s would quit trying to be something they are not, this wouldn’t be an issue. But as they desire to be all things for all people, they end up making promises that they can’t keep. Like the promise they made in 2002 to reduce trans fat in their products. When their chicken strips failed to meet their promise, McDonald’s was sued, and later settled out of court. Get ready for another suit, as French Fries were not indicted in the initial settlement.

The Dairy and Wheat bit, I’m not sure how much this will affect McDonald’s , as the new information is apparently in response to new FDA requirements in regard to labeling. However, if anyone can prove that McDonald’s advertized their fries as gluten-free, rest assured there’s another lawyer with The Golden Arch’s name on them.

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Poutine and Simple Joys

As someone has dutifully reminded me, I have never fully reported upon my recent trip to Whistler. As I’ve been a tad more political in my posts of late, today seems like as good of a day as any to let you know how the trip went, and bring a bit of simple foodie pleasure back to this site.

First and foremost, I need to acknowledge the picture up above. It’s poutine, which I’ve talked about before on this site. Poutine is one of those meals that if you’re concerned about your health, you should only eat once or twice a year. It’s basically French Fries, covered with cheese curds, with a healthy dose of gravy. Consider this dish the Canadian equivalent of cheese on a stick — Except that it tastes better.

I have now decided that I will look up a plate of the stuff every time I head to Canada, which, thankfully for my heart, is only once or twice a year.

I realize I may get some grief for enjoying a meal that is essentially enjoyed by folks after they’ve imbibed more than an adequate amount of beer, but it’s a bullet I’m ready to take. Eating this outdoors, when it’s a brisk 55 degrees F out, is a wonderful simple pleasure. Why oh why hasn’t poutine caught on below the 48th Parallel?

Dinners at Whistler are okay. I had a decent seafood chowder, and a nice German meal. But generally I find the restaurants overpriced for the food that one gets. Alas, this is what happens when you go to a tourist attraction for people with a fair amount of disposable income.

I will say that I enjoy the lunches up there far more than the dinners. Reasonably priced and quite good. Especially the Lamb Burger I had. Lesson learned here? Bean sprouts go remarkably well on a burger.

That’s pretty much all there was to the trip. I was up there for three days, had some decent meals, watched some mountain bikers, took some really decent pictures, and walked a whole lot. This is my idea of what a vacation should entail — with less mountain bikers.

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French Fries = Fresh Vegetable?

For those of you old enough to remember, the Reagan administration played hard and fast with nutrition by trying to state that ketchup and relish were both considered vegetables.

That memory came to me today as I read that the Federal government now classifies french fries as fresh veggies. And as is common with any change to the USDA (which is far more easily duped than its cousin, the FDA), it seems as if this regulation was changed last year at the behest of Frozen Potato Products Institute.

What, no onion rings? How about the frozen pierogies I buy from the supermarket? Perhaps the deep fried Zuchinni I get at the State fair?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…take anything you hear from the USDA with a grain of salt. You’ll have to. The Salt Industry has also lobbied the USDA.

(For more on how ‘questionably ethical’ the USDA is, read “Food Politics” by Marion Nestle).