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What does George W. eat?

(Warning: idle gossip ahead)

If you’re laying odds that it’s not prosciutto and figs, you’re on the right track:

The first time she (the First Lady’s social secretary Lea Berman) met (White House chef Walter) Scheib she told him that she wanted the White House kitchen to produce meals like those her husband had enjoyed at one of Marco Pierre White’s restaurants in London. Mr. White, who once had three Michelin stars, has served everything from braised pigs’ trotters to truffled parsley soup with poached eggs.

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m not sure the president is going to be big on that,’ ˮ said Mr. Scheib, who had made many an enchilada and grilled-cheese sandwich on white bread with Kraft singles for President Bush.

There’s also a great bit on how the Ms. Berman would send Chef “marked recipes from cookbooks and magazines, like Martha Stewart Living, along with instructions that he “make it look just like the picture.ˮ “

As you can tell, I’m having a slow news day.

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