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I give Kraft Foods an A+

All of you regular readers know that I have issues with Kraft foods. The basis of my position is that they often dumb down food, place sales over even the slightest margin of quality, and label foods with descriptors that they are clearly not.

Oh… and they are owned by a tobacco corporation.

In the interest of fairness, I do feel it necessary to point out when Kraft actually does something of quality. I give you an e-mail sent by Executive Vice President Marc Firestone in response to recent criticisms from evangelical Christians on Krafts sponsoring the the 2006 Gay Games.

From: Marc Firestone, Executive Vice President, Corporate Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Kraft Foods Inc.

Subject: Kraft’s Contribution to 2006 Gay Games

The true test of any commitment is how you respond when challenged. Kraft is experiencing this to a degree right now, as a result of our decision to be one of several contributors to the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. The games will bring together thousands of athletes in a competition that will take place in our corporate hometown.

In recent days, the company has received many e-mails, the majority of them generated through the America Family Association, which objects to our sponsorship. We also have received calls and e-mails – - not as many, but equally passionate – - thanking us for supporting this event. A member of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s team said, “We applaud the businesses that are sponsors of the Gay Games, including Kraft Foods.”

You may have questions or might have had questions from friends and family about our contribution to this event. While Kraft certainly doesn’t go looking for controversy, we have long been dedicated to support the concept and the reality of diversity. It’s the right thing to do and it’s good for our business and our work environment.

Diversity makes us a stronger company and connects us with the diversity that exists among the consumers who buy our products.

Diversity is more than a word many people like to say. At Kraft we truly respect all kinds of differences. And diversity is not a selective concept. By definition, it’s nothing if not inclusive. We respect diversity of ethnicity, gender, experience, background, personal style and yes, sexual orientation and gender identity. Recognizing, respecting and valuing these differences helps us be a more successful business and a workplace where all employees can realize their full potential.

For more than a decade, we have had employee councils that promote our awareness of diversity. The newest of our nine diversity councils is the Rainbow Council, which strives to provide a forum for support and networking among gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender employees; raise awareness within Kraft and promote involvement in the community. Each council has an executive sponsor and I have been the Rainbow Council’s sponsor since last year.

Through all of our councils, we support various initiatives that demonstrate how strongly we believe in diversity, through involvement in the community. Our sponsorship of the 2006 Gay Games is one of almost 1,700 cash and in-kind grants we make annually.

It can be difficult when we are criticized. It’s easy to say you support a concept or a principle when nobody objects. The real test of commitment is how one reacts when there are those who disagree. I hope you share my view that our company has taken the right stand on diversity, including its contribution to the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago.

Not food related per se, and they still make crappy cheese. But hey.. I have to give them points for doing the right thing.

Tip of the cap to Gwyn and AZNomad on DailyKos

Product Pimpin’ and Shame on Microsoft

Get Firefox!
I know, I know… I’m way off the standard path that I walk upon. But this’ll just take a minute of your time, and then we’ll get back to food, I promise. For those who don’t want politics or sexuality with their food blogs, move quickly along.

Okay.. for the rest of you.

Microsoft screwed the Gay/Lesbian community here in Washington State. They pulled their support from Bill 1515 which is an anti-gay-discrimination bill currently was under consideration here Washington State. Why? Well, word on the street is that they had discussions with Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, WA, who threatened to organize a national boycott of the company’s products if it did not change its stance on the legislation.

So, Microsoft changed their stance.

Get Thunderbird!
I wrote to them, asking to reconsider. I made phone calls to all the right people. All for naught. The bill failed to get out of the state house, in large part due to Microsoft’s action.

So, I’m following up on a promise I made if they didn’t publically get behind the bill, which is what they had promised to do in the first place.

I rarely advocate using one product over another. It’s not that I don’t have opinions, it’s just that I haven’t focused my writing in that direction.

Now? Well, let me say the following:

For my web browsing, I have had less issues by using Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser than I’ve ever had with Internet Explorer. in fact, this very page that you are reading had Firefox in mind when it was designed.

I also use Thunderbird for my e-mail. I find it easier to use, and it’s spam filter has saved me an immeasurable amount of times. It’s far superior than Outlook Express.

For all of my writing, spreadsheet and other Office needs, I use Open Office exclusively. It’s far more robust than MS’s office suite, and any issue found are often taken care of in weeks instead of years.

Oh, and all of these software products are free. That’s a savings of between $100- $250.

So let me repeat. I like Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice (which are all free)…and I’m none to thrilled about Microsoft (which can be easily bought by right wing hate mongers).

Thank you for your time. More food posts in a bit.