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Surprise! McDonald’s is being sued

Remember last week when I mentioned that McDonald’s recent revelations that their fries had gluten (until recently) may not be a big deal, unless someone can prove that the Golden Arches advertised the fries as gluten-free?

Well as it turns out, yes someone can prove that the Golden Arches stated that the fries are gluten free…and yes they are suing for damages.

All of those who are surprised, please raise your hands.

I did have a “M-wuh?!?” moment when reading this bit of the article:

On Wednesday, Nadia Sugich of Los Angeles sued McDonald’s, saying she is a vegan and would not have eaten the fries if she had known they contained dairy products.

A vegan…at McDonald’s. Riiiiiight. Nadia isn’t perhaps looking for a quick payday, is she?

Personally, I have a hard time feeling sorry for any vegan who eats at McDonald’s. I’m not saying they shouldn’t eat there, but really. A vegan eating at McDonald’s is like an American visiting Moscow and then complaining that everyone there speaks Russian.

UPDATE: It seems as if McDonald’s is claiming that, in fact, their fries ARE gluten and Allergen free.

Cause — meet effect.

Ken at Fast Food News has it exactly right: either someone is trying to cover their collective buttocks by clouding the issue regarding this, or there is a fair amount of incompetence surrounding the initial release of information last week. Either way, McDonald’s is looking both amateurish and irresponsible.

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