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Looking for the Next Guest Writer In Residence

About six months ago, I came up with an idea that would use the power of Accidental Hedonist to promote new and lesser known food bloggers. The idea was a simple “Guest writer” program, and I put out a call for writers and was immediately overwhelmed by the level of writing talent available out there. And once I saw Kristen’s writing, I immediately (and virtually) approached her, hat in hand, asking for if she would like to contribute to the site for a period of six months. She graciously agreed, and for the past six months has provided great stories and perspectives from New York City.

Alas, As Kristen alluded to in yesterday’s post, her time at Accidental Hedonist is coming to an end. The question that remains is: Who should take her place?

If you believe that you should be be the next writer in residence here at the Hedonist, send me an e-mail stating as such.

Here’s what the position entails – For a six month period, you publish one article per week, to be posted either Saturday or Sunday. The article should be somewhat in depth, but not overly so. Oh, and whomever gets the position should feel free to promote their own site in their posts.

In return, you’ll get a monthly payment that is just enough to keep you interested, but not so much that I bankrupt the site.

Basic Entry requirements?

- You must currently have your own blog (a food blog is recommended, but not necessary) that has been active for at least four months.
- You must have a small audience (less than 500 hits per day and less than 100 subscribers in Bloglines).
- You have to commit to a six month obligation.

If you can do the above, send me an E-mail at Kate AT accidentalhedonist DOT com with a link to three of your favorite posts on your current blog. Deadline for entries is Next monday (5/14/2007), 11pm PST.

Afterwards, Kristen and I will review the submissions and decide upon who should take her place. If everything falls into place, you could be writing here by the first full weekend in June!

An Extended Weekend and Guest Writers

For the first time in a while, I’m taking more than one day off from this site. I’m heading back to the mountains in Whistler, British Columbia for an extended weekend, and will be away from this site.

But fret not when it comes to content. Jack and Joanne from Fork and Bottle will guide you through the next few days. Treat them well.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back on Monday with pictures of fine Canadian…er…cuisine.