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When a Pittsburgher thinks of food

Pittsburgh has a culinary tradition.

I can hear some of you snickering out there, but Pittsburgh does have a food tradition. Sometimes it isn’t pretty (much like our predilection to use the word “yunz” in sentences), but it is a tradition nonetheless.

Here are some of the foods that we can make claim to, or simply remind us of Pittsburgh, in alphabetical order.

  • Big Macs: Invented and first sold in Pittsburgh.
  • Chip Chopped Ham: Shaved ham, a deli meat. Often quite fatty.
  • City Chicken: Veal or pork disguised as Chicken…don’t ask.
  • Clark Bars: North Side Candy Bar that became popular nationwide.
  • Dippy Eggs: eggs over easy…over very easy, often served on untoasted white bread.
  • Fried Zucchini Strips: Popularized by Italian immigrants, I grew up on these and fried Zucchini Slices. Of course, Pittsburghers can’t just leave well enough alone, and you’ll often see them topped with Heinz Ketchup.
  • Heinz Ketchup: Thank GOD Heinz makes an Organic Ketchup.
  • Hoagies: Our version of Submarine Sandwiches. In Western Pennsylvania, Hoagie sales are extremely popular in High Schools to raise money.
  • Imp an Ahrn: An Imp an Ahrn, is a shot of Imperial Whiskey placed in a glass of Iron City. Our version of a boilermaker.
  • Iron City Beer: Our hometown brew, known for their cans featuring the various sports teams. It’s taste? Meh.
  • Italian Wedding Soup: Beef meatballs in Chicken broth, with pasta and carrots.
  • Jimmies: Jimmies are what everyone else calls sprinkles (i.e. the tiny candies put on ice cream).
  • Jumbo Sandwiches: Jumbo isn’t a size, it’s a name for Baloney
  • Klondike Bars: Isaly’s ice cream treat.
  • Pierogies: Potato dumplings made popular by the many Polish and Ukranian immigrants in the area.
  • Pittsburgh style steak: Steak cooked at an extremely high heat, so that the outside is burnt, but the inside is pink
  • Pop: Coke and Pepsi are pops. Soda is water.
  • Strawberry Pies: Every year, Eat ‘n’ Park would have specials based on this dessert, and every year, families would make at least one pilgrimage to indulge in them.
  • Rolling Rock Beer: Actually a Latrobe, PA institution. Home to the Steelers training camp.

Restaurants and Food Sellers

  • Eat n’ Park: Our version of Denny’s. Tasted better than Denny’s as well.
  • Giant Eagle: A local grocery store, often pronounced J’an T’ggle in Pittsburghese.
  • Isaly’s: Actually a Eastern Ohio Dairy Company that became Pittsburgh’s version of a Soda Shop.
  • Primanti Bros.: A Pittsburgh Institution
  • Winky’s: A long gone fast food restaurant, who had a slogan that went “Winky’s makes you happy to be hungry.”

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