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The New York Times : Beard Scandal Scorches Awards for Chefs

There’s massive shake ups afoot at the James Beard Foundation, due in large part for being unable to account for how it has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue.

The fallout is now being felt througout the upper tier restaurant reporting industry (login required SN: accidental PW:hedonist).

This has been brewing for a while (well, at least since mid July), and came to a head in early September when Julia Moskin of the New York times reported on the thousands of dollars missing in the Revenue records (no link as NYT has already archived the article). Apparently they brought in 4.7 million last year, but the outgoing cash was minimal as exampled by the 29k for scholarships from their general fund. (Phyllis Isaacson, Director of Information Services at The James Beard Foundation, has since stated that they have given out nearly 200k in funds, but most of this comes from fund raising specifically for scholarships and not the general operating fund).

More coming on this, to be sure…

No Caviar for You!

So you like a little beluga on a cracker? It appears as if you are now out of luck as he U.N. agency that controls trade in endangered species has halted all export of the caviar because of non-compliance with a conservation agreement that was signed in 2001.

The announcement does not affect the international trade in caviar taken from farmed sturgeon from California, Idaho, France and Italy. So the folks over at Seattle Caviar Company will still have something to sell. I can now rest easy.