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Vimeo Find: The Street Aesthetic of New York City

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Yup, I’m getting geared up for our trip. And I’m realizing that there’s no possible way for me to cover every topic I want to before I go.

Which means…A reason to go back!

Vimeo Find: Venice in a Day

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I find myself reminiscing a fair bit about my brief stay in Venice.  This has only served to add to that activity. But, oh, what a beautiful curse!

(h/t to Joerg Niggli as well as Metafilter)

The Cupcakes of Catan

Ahhh…it seems that some gamer folks have combined to of my passions (board games and pastries) into a single activity! Ladies and gents -

The Cupcakes of Catan (flickr version)

Some folks at Board Game Geek had also created their own version.

Why I Love the Internet (reason # 52638)

Because how else can a person in Seattle watch a block of Westcombe Cheddar age eight time zones away?

Gather ’round, children!

It’s Christmas Eve and Jolly Old Saint Kristen’s gonna hand out the internet’s finest food related links of 2006 (more or less) to you, in this one-time only kind-of-a-blow-off-because-come-on-it’s-Christmas-Eve post!

(Seriously, give me a break here. I still gotta wrap a bunch of gifts and figure out a way to somehow muffle the sound on this freakin’ Barbie keyboard my kid’s been asking for all year.)

Anyway! Let’s see what I’ve got here for you…

For you metrophiles, I give you: a collection of recipes from the MTA NYC Transit retirees. Some of the recipes sound pretty good, some that border on the bizarre, and some that you’re going to need a translator for. So…. pretty much like living in New York, come to think of it.

For those who love all everything in the kitchen — the cookbooks, funny foods, cool gadgets, etc. — I give you: Food Maven, written by the same woman who brings you Coconut and Lime. (In the interests of full disclosure: I was interviewed via email by Food Maven a while back, but I’m pretty sure I only came to her attention after leaving a number of omg i <3 yr blog!!1! fangirlish comments.)

For anyone who’s worn out their copy of Lilek’s Gallery of Regrettable Food, here’s an equally hilarious collection of Weight Watchers recipes from the 1970s: The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s

For a blog that will inspire even the humblest of beginners: The Fumbling Foodie. If Dave can teach himself to make White Chocolate Souffle with Raspberry-Chocolate Sauce, I know I, for one, am certainly inspired to do it as well.

For the snarky TV watcher in us all: Television Without Pity’s recaps of Top Chef. It’s everything you wish you had thought up to say to your coworkers over the watercooler.

For people looking to read a blog about NYC food that a genuinely good read (and won’t make you feel like you’re not too cool enough read it): Madison & Mayberry, the “culinary adventures of a Southern girl in the city.”

For fans of everything kawaii: Cooking Cute, featuring bento lunches so unbearably cute, you can’t see how anyone could possibly eat them and destroy all that cute.

For everyone so inspired by that last blog you’re ready to rush out and pack your own bentos: Bento TV, featuring all the how-to bento videos you could ever want.

Well, that’s the bottom of Santa’s pack, kids. Have a great Christmas — or at least enjoy your day off — and I’ll see you back here in two weeks!

Oh for the love of humanity!!

Square bagels.

I…I….I have no words! Is nothing sacred any more?

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Pimp my Snack

I’m not sure why, but I found this site endlessly entertaining. The basic premise?

  • Take a favorite mass produced snack.
  • Find a way to recreate said snack, but make it bigger, badder, or stronger.

For example, the pic here illustrates a Snowball, made 500% (okay may 200%) bigger than the ones found in the supermarkets.

Added bonus? You get to see people writing such phrases as “you just pimped my HobNob!” and “Now in the spirit of bling and decadence, I did indulge in Cadbury’s chocolate to make my pimped snack”

Ahh.. Silliness and food. The two great tastes that make one tasty snack bar.

I’ll be back to honest to goodness food writing tomorrow. I promise.

(via eGullet)

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