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The Pros and Cons of the ‘Ghetto Latte’

A Ghetto (or Poor Man’s) Latte is an iced Americano, with no water and half ice which is then takens to the condiments bar where the milk or half and half is then added.

The question put forth to Starbuck’s Gossip was “Is it fair/right for a customer to order what we, at my store, call a “ghetto-latte”?

My own take? It doesn’t matter as the milk at the condiment bar is not free (it’s already figured into the cost of the menued products). Corporate business being what it is, the …ahem… bean counters here in Seattle have already figured that there’s a few folks who will game the system.

As a side question – has anyone actually ever used the vanilla powder found at the condiments bar?

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