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Tasting Notes: Whidbeys Liqueur

Whidbeys LiqueurLiqueur is liquid candy for adults.

There. I’ve said it. I feel better that this is now out in the open. And I, for one, have no problem in reveling in the joy and bliss that these little drinks can bring.

Whidbey’s Liqueur is a Pacific Northwest Spirit made not 25 miles from where I am currently typing. What makes this liqueur stand on its own is that it’s made from local Loganberries. Trying to explain Loganberries to those who have never had them is a bit difficult. Think grapes mixed with black cherries and a bit of rasberry. So how does it taste as a liqueur?

Eyes: A deep violet/burgandy color. It’s a bit syrupy, but
not overly so.

Nose: It smells like grape jam that’s a bit off. The alcohol is barely noticable.

Taste: It’s an odd taste, like fermented rasberry jelly.This means it’s very sweet. It’s also a bit viscous.

Overall: It’s not horrible, but it also might be an aquired taste. I’m not exactly sure what it’d mix with, but it will be fun finding out. I think it will also work well in desserts and other recipes. I’d give this a 2 out of three. I may pick it up if I see it again on the shelf.


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