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Menu for Hope and the Food Blog Awards

December is more than the Holiday season, especially for those of us in the food blog community. It also happens to be the month where we look out for our fellow humans, and then celebrate the greatness that is food blogging.

In regard to the former, I’m referring to Pim’s annual Menu for Hope. Buy a raffle ticket or two (or ten) and then place your ticket in the virtual hat that corresponds to a prize that you desire. If your name is chosen, you win that prize! The money spent on the raffle ticket will go to the UN World Food Programme.

In regard to the latter, the Well Fed Network is once again hosting the Food Blog Awards. Head over to their fine web page(s) and let them know who you believe to have the better food blogs out there.

Congratulations to Sherry Cermak…

…and to the many people who gave money to Menu for Hope II, raising over $17,000 for Unicef. That number is astounding. Pim has much to be proud of for organizing such a successful fund raising raffle. Read the Winners list here.

Oh, who’s Sherry Cermak? She’s the winner of the two Marcella Hazan Cookbooks that I had put up for auction. Sherry, the books are on their way.

Menu for Hope II

It is the season of giving,the season of love and of joy for our fellow man.

Pim, continuing the tradition started last year, has organized Menu for Hope II. Food Bloggers world wide are participating to raise money for charity. We are raising money for Unicef. The funds will be earmarked for the earthquake victims in Northern India and Pakistan.

How are we going to accomplish this? Through an online raffle drawing. Several food bloggers (myself included) have provided various gifts and prizes packages. Me? I have donated two Italian cookbooks by Marcella Hazan.

Each $5 donated will give you one chance (or one virtual raffle ticket) to wine a prize of your choosing. All you need to do to bid on item is state in the ‘comment’ section of your donation form which prize you would like to be drawn for.

You can also donate more than $5 of course, each $5 will give you one chance at one prize. (Yes, you are allowed to specify more than one gifts if you donate more than $5.)

No money will go through our hands. Just Giving will do the collection and forward all the money raised directly to Unicef.

Over there in the right colum is a graphic that will take you directly to the Just Giving site. Then give what you can.

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