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1st annual independent food festival and awards: Best Flavored water not flavored with fruit

I love my beverages, of this there is no doubt. I enjoy tea, beer, soda pop, you name it. Water, however, is one beverage in which I am particularly particular. Give me a bottle of Pellegrino and I’m satisfied.

Flavored waters? Feh. They’re typically Kool-aid disguised as fad. I dismissed them outright as a blip on the consumer water market.

At least, that used to be my thinking until I came across a bottle of metromint peppermint water. Without sounding too much like a commercial, this was the first flavored water that I come back to on a regular basis. It’s water and peppermint. Period. No artificial flavoring, no added calories. It’s the perfect drink right after dinner.

So, in honor of Taste Everything’s independant food festival and awards, I award Metromint the Best Flavored water not flavored with fruit award. For making and selling a bottle of water that provides the marketplace something new.