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Overheard at the Breakfast Counter

We were having breakfast with a couple of our friends. The restaurant we had chosen was one of those places that pop up in the more trendier of the Seattle neighborhoods and serve all-natural, organic foods. Whole grain toasts, mushroom omelettes made with fungus found recently in the Pacific Northwest, and freshly squeezed orange juice all peppered the menu written in chalk upon the wall.

It’s the orange juice which caused the most consternation within the staff. When the juicer was on it whirred and whizzed so loudly that the patrons of this restaurant had to speak notably louder in order to be heard. Additionally, the amount of oranges required to fill a single order ensured that the juicer would be on for minutes at a time. When a group of people ordered orange juice, it meant that the juicer could run as long as six minutes.

So it should come to no surprise that when people order orange juice in this restaurant, the workers behind the counter can be heard to mutter “Ah, hell”, from time to time.

This isn’t a post on customer service, but rather a simple nod to the fact that whether you choose to participatein whatever food movement floats your boat, that choice comes with a benefit and a cost. For those folks behind the counter making the fresh orange juice, the benefit was the ability to call themselves a “all-natural, made-fresh restaurant” and all of the other benefits that those types of labels infer. The cost? The cost is that making fresh orange juice can be a pain in the tuckus.