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Where do the President’s Advisors Eat out When Abroad?

Although one could probably figure out my political leanings through continual reading of this site, I’ve pretty much avoided being overtly partisan. But I did want to point out the following found in the Washington Post today:

As he barnstormed through Japan, South Korea and China, with a final stop in Mongolia still to come, (George) Bush visited no museums, tried no restaurants, bought no souvenirs and made no effort to meet ordinary local people.

“I live in a bubble,” Bush once said, explaining his anti-tourist tendencies by citing the enormous security and logistical considerations involved in arranging any sightseeing. “That’s just life.”

The Bush spirit trickles down to many of his top advisers, who hardly go out of their way to sample the local offerings either. A number of the most senior White House officials on the trip, perhaps seeking the comforts of their Texas homes, chose to skip the kimchi in South Korea to go to dinner at Outback Steakhouse — twice.

Wait, wait, wait…they chose Outback Steakhouse to local Korean cuisine??
Are they insane??? Especially for what they charge for the onion blossom!

Of course, it may be simply because Outback gave 96% of their campaign contributions to the Republicans, but this is me being cynical.

In their defence, eating new and unfamiliar food while on a 7 day tour of any foreign country can be stressfull to a system. That, and they are probably also trying to give confidence to the safety of beef in wake of the ongoing Mad Cow concerns that Japan has shown.

But still…you guys couldn’t eat local even once? Sheesh.

Thanks to Atrios for the Heads up

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Food and Political Contributions

I know that the past election hit some sore spots with various members of the food blogs. And so, I offer the following information to do with as you please.

It’s a list of major corporations and the percentage of their political donations that went to republican candidates or causes.

And in case you were wondering, I went over to Politcal Money Line to find any corporation that gave 80% or more over their political contributions to democrats…and found none.


Flowers Industries (100%) – food maker, mostly of well-known bakery products like the following bread brands: Flowers, Nature’s Own, Sunbeam, Bunny, Dandee, Cobblestone Mill, Holsum, Mary Jane, Evangeline Maid, and ButterKrust. Flowers also sells snack cakes and pastries under these brands: BlueBird, Mrs. Freshley’s, Bishop’s. Its frozen bakery products are sold under the European Bakers brand.

Outback Steakhouse (96%) – restaurant chainsm, including Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Lee Roy Selmon’s, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Bonefish Grill, Roy’s, Paul Lee’s Chinese Kitchen and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

Wendy’s International (93%) – fastfood chain including Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, Tim Hortons, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill (with investments in Cafe Express and Pasta Pomodoro).

Darden Restaurants Inc. (90%) – Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones BBQ and Grill, Bahama Breeze.

Smithfield Foods Inc. (88%) – food products; Smithfield (hams, deli), Farmfield Foods, Gwaltney, John Morrell & Co., Patrick Cudahy, Cumberland Gap, Krakus Foods, Stefano Foods

Conagra Foods (83%) – ACT II (popcorn), Andale Gourmet, Andy Capp’s snacks, Angela Mia (pasta and sauces), Armour (hot dogs, meats, etc.), Award (side dishes), Banquet (frozen meals), Big Mama Sausage, Blue Bonnet (margerine, spreads), Butterball (turkey products), Chef Boyardee, Chun King (noodles and other Chinese food products), Cook’s Hams, County Line (cheese), Crunch ‘n Munch, Culturelle (food supplement), DAVID (sunflower seeds), Decker (meats), Dennison’s (chili), Eckrich (meats), Egg Beaters (egg substitue), Fernando’s (Mexican entrees), Firecracker (hot sausage), Fleishmann’s (spreads and oils), Gebhart (texmex), Gilardi Foods (Italian foods), Golden Cuisine (senior meals), Gilrot (powders and spices), Gulden’s (mustard), Healthy Choice (frozen foods and other diet foods), Hunt’s (ketchup and tomato products), Hunt’s Snack Pack (pudding), JSH/J. Hungerford Smith (syrups), Jiffy Pop, Kid Cuisine, Knott’s Berry Farm (jams), La Choy, Lamb Weston (potato products), Libby’s (meats), Life Choice, Lightlife (soy products), Longmont, Louis Kemo Foodservice, Luck’s (beans, etc.), Lunch Makers, MaMa Rosa’s (Italian foods), Manwich, Margherita (Italian meats), Maria Callender’s (frozen dinners), Meridian (shrimp and shellfish), Move Over Butter, Oldham’s Farm, Orville Redenbacher’s, PAM (cooking sprays), Parkay, Patio (tex-mex dinners), Pemmican (jerkies), Penrose (meats), Peter Pan (peanut butter), Ranch Style (beans), Ready Crisp (Armour dinners), Reddi-wip (whipped cream), Ro*Tel (canned tomatos), Rosarita (Mexican meals and products), Singleton (seafood), Slim Jim, Swiss Miss (hot cocoa), Van Camp’s (pork and beans), Webber Farms, Wesson (oils), Wolf Brand (chili), Wolfgang Pucks (meals).

This info was pulled from DailyKos