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We get letters v.28: A Call for a Recipe

Kathy writes in looking for help:

I have been searching the net for a particular filling for pierogis for several days – unsuccessfully. My ancestry is Austrian and we call these kroppah. They are about 4x larger than pierogis. But, to my question….

My grandmother used to make a filling that used apples and graham crackers that, of course, she didn’t have a written recipe for. And, since she passed away about 30 years ago, it’s impossible to ask her. We’re putting together a family recipe book with 4 generations contributing and I’m the one coordinating it. None of the aunts can remember how she made the
apple/graham cracker filling.

Have you ever run across an apple/graham cracker filling? Thanks for reading this. Back to my searching.

I am unaware of no such recipes, but if anyone else out there knows an apple/graham cracker filling for pierogies, Kathy will be much appreciative.

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Pittsburgh and Pierogies

Ye Gods do I love the Internet!! Where else can you find a DVD on how to make Pierogies.

Pierogies have a special little place in my life. I was born and (presumably) bred in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What this means in regards to culinary pleasures is that I enjoy Jumbo, chipped-chopped ham, cole slaw on my sandwiches, and pierogies.

One of the many pleasant memories of my youth was “Pierogie Day”. We lived in a city, and the School District allowed the students of the elementary school to leave the premises at lunch time to either go home, or purchase lunch at a local establishment.

Now it just so happens that the School was a few blocks away from a Ukrainian Orthodox Church at what is now called the Holy Virgin Church. (Personally? I remember it as St. Vladimir’s). The Church would hold Pierogie Day every Friday, and students from the school could come and get a carton of six homemade pierogies, swimming in onions and butter. These little dumplings stuffed with potatoes introduced me to the joys of Eastern European foods. How many of you out there can compete with that? Okay, probably a fair amount of you, but this aspect of my childhood makes me feel a tad special.

What this means is that every time I think of Pierogies, I think of Pittsburgh. That’s why I am so pleased to find this site — Pierogies Plus. A company in Pittsburgh making homemade pierogies and allows you to order them online.

It also means that I am now old enough to wistfully recall moments of my youth that make sound like an old biddy upon retelling.

And so it goes.

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