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Buy Nothing Day?

I wanted to pass this along, as Tara mentioned it last night and it seemed a valid perspective.

I understand the desire to not participate in the consumer rituals that take place the day after Thanksgiving. But let me throw another idea out there.

Instead of going to the mall and buying products from mega-merchants, or standing by the sideline and holding your dollars out of the marketplace, how about not feeling any guilt when you shop by heading to locally owned and operated businesses who sell locally made products?

Just a thought.

Or you can stay home, and avoid all the traffic…also a valid option.

Me? I’m off to Pike Place Market, to visit a few of my favorite businesses down there.

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Pike Place Market Picture Tour

Pike Place Market

I have a love affair with a market. For those of you who have never been to Pike Place Market, here’s a link to several dozen pics that I have taken there.

Seattle Walking Tours: #1 Pike Place Market

When I first moved to the Emerald City (Seattle) nigh upon 15 months ago, I had no idea about the layout of this city, nor of the places one should go to have a good time. So I purchased a book written by Laura Karlinsey entitled Seattle City Walks which outlines eighteen different walking tours for one to undertake.

I was so excited about this idea that I promptly placed the book on my shelf and left it there for 15 months.

I have, however, reconsidered the idea of this book. Figuring that this would give me a wonderful series of articles and entries for this site, as well as allow me to practice a form of travel writing, I have decided to partake of each and every tour. Along the way, I plan to take pictures and give my impressions on the areas highlighted by Mz. Karlinsey. So, the tours are hers, the text and pics will be mine. And this will take up a fair amount of my own energy over the next half year or so.

It’s not surprising to me that the first chapter in the book deals with the Pike Place Market. The Market is one of the top two tourist attractions in Seattle (the Space Needle being the other), and dominates the western end of Downtown Seattle.

I personally have a love/hate relationship with the Market. I love the fresh foods and the varieties available. I love the whole feel of the market, which is rushed and exciting. And the place is quite the foodies dream.

But it is a tourist haven. Think Fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco kind of crowded, and you have an idea of the size of crowds that are there. It has it’s fair share of locations that sell junk. Crappy T-shirts, postcards and other tourist trinkets abound throughout the market. Be prepared.

So, Seattle Rule of Thumb #1: From May-September, the Market belongs to the tourists. October-April, it belongs to the locals. And if you wish to avoid even more crowds, visiting Monday through Thursday will be better than visiting on the Weekend. Now on to the Tour: