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Podcast!! Not mine, but Mark’s…

Regular readers will have noticed that I’m intermittently narcissitic when it comes to writing about myself. Sometimes I have no problem in pimping myself, other times, I let what ends up being pretty important stuff, slide right on by with no mention at all.

Today is one of those “It’s about me!” kinda days.

A week or so ago, I recieved a nice e-mail from Mark Tafoya, a personal chef in NYC, in response to my Whole Foods post. I let him know I liked his site, and indeed, a link for his site now sits in the bottom right of the right-side column.

Today, he let me know that I was mentioned in his weekly PodCast. His timing is impeccable, because I hadn’t really explored food podcasts, as I lean more towards the music side of listening pleasures. But a recent b-day gift of an iPod (Thanks Tara!) has allowed me to actually sit down and listen to what he has to say.

He has a strong and extended interview with Chris Gatto, manager of the Inwood Greenmarket in New York City, where they discussed things from definitions of organic foods to the New York City Greenmarket program, and its efforts to bring communities together around Farm Fresh Foods. It was definately an informative listen.

And then he mentioned l’il ol’ me. I don’t wish to give too much away, but “Dry wit” and “Keen insight” were phrases that were used. He also enjoys the quotes on top, which seems to be a universal thing…at least I hope so, considering how often I begged Tara to put it up.

At any rate, if you’re into listening to podcast, specifically food podcasts, you couldn’t do much better than to listen to Mark’s.

Thanks for the kind words Mark! Keep up the great work!