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Wendy’s Size Issue

Wendy’s, the fast food giant based out of Columbus, Ohio, is removing their “Biggie” designation from their drinks. Instead, they are going back to the “small”, “medium” and “large” options. From another article:

Wendy’s International Inc. research shows demand for big drinks, but people were confused by the designation of Biggie and Great Biggie, the former extra-large size, spokesman Denny Lynch said. Switching to a more straightforward small, medium and large sizes made sense, he said.

Instead, they are now re-sizing their drink sizes. A 20 ounce drink is a small, a 32 ounce drink is a medium and the new 42 ounce drink is a large.

I’m wondering if the guys at Wendy’s are perhaps overcompensating for some other shortcomings.

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