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Chickpeas – A Pulse amongst the Legumes

Well, well, well…a bean for the ages.

Typically, beans are not my favorite of foods. But I’ll make an exception for chickpeas.

I know, I know…I’ve hit the pinnacle of writing when I cheerlead for a legume, but there you have it.

Historians claim that chickpeas originated aroun the Hacilar site near Burdur in Turkey around 7500 years ago. By the Bronze age, both Italy and Greece had the pulse in their diet. Nothing better represents Mediterranean food than the chickpea.

There are two common types of chickpeas: ‘desi’ (small, angular seeds, that are yellow, green, light brown or possibly black in color) and ‘kabuli’ (larger, more rounded or brain-shaped types which are normally beige/buff in color). Desi are mostly found in the Indian subcontinent, Iran, Ethiopia and parts of central America, whereas the kabuli types are commonly found throughout southern Europe, Western Asia, the Nile Valley, North Africa and South America. But there are several other varieties out there.

Chickpease are also known as garbanzo beans, garbanzo being the name used in Spanish speaking countries. The English name chickpea comes from the French chiche, which comes from the Latin cicer.

As you can guess, next on the list of food items is the chickpea. It ain’t always exciting here at the Hedonist, but at least we strive for thoroughness.