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Reader’s Poll: Better Gin – Seagram’s or Knickerbocker

What we have here is a battle of one of the world’s most popular gins going up against a rare and difficult to find gin.

Seagram’s has a long, involved history, and in their role as one of the world’s majors distillers, gin is just another item in their catalog that’s reported every year to the stockholder’s of Pernod Ricard, who now owns the brand.

Meanwhile, there’s New Holland Artisan Spirits, makers of Knickerbocker Gin. If Seagram’s is the K-Mart of the liquor world, New Holland is the small, independently owned shop that’s part of the revitalization effort downtown.  If New Holland is on Pernod Ricard’s radar at all, it’s likely only by accident.

So, taste test between the two, and then tell the rest of us – which is the better gin?

[poll id="8"]

The Poll will be up for a week and then I’ll announce the winner.

And yes, Knickerbocker gin is quite difficult to locate. Sorry.