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Seattle Post-Intelligencer

This is the first time I had been noted by the local Seattle Press. It gave me a warm fuzzy when I found out about it, because I had no idea I would be mentioned.

From their year-end round up A year of organics, blogs and cheese, glorious cheese, Accidental Hedonist is mentioned as a food blog worth reading.

6. More and more food blogs: We’re running out of spare time with all the delicious writing that requires a regular read. There are new Seattle-based blogs we really enjoy (www.rootsandgrubs.com), but don’t miss relative old-timer Kate Hopkins’ well-written, thought-provoking, consistently appetizing words at www.accidentalhedonist.com</blockquote>

Hell has indeed frozen over

The Seattle PI gave a negative review to a local restaurant (Villa Cosenza, for those who want to know).

When the PI pans your restaurant, you know you have problems.