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Food Corporations and Charities

(…or perhaps you can call this post “When Kate Jumps the Shark“)

(PROLOGUE: If you’re feeling charitable of late, please consider giving to Second Harvest, if you are so inclined. Here’s the donation sheet. This Prologue will make sense once you read the post.)

I think it’s pretty clear to anyone who reads this site on a regular basis that I have a jaundiced eye when it comes to many corporations. They have their job to do and that’s all well and good. But I don’t think it takes much research to figure out that many food corporations have their stockholder’s interests first, and everyone else runs a distant second, third, and fourth.

And then there are PR firms, whose job entails ensuring that these huge multi-national conglomerates have pristine images, regardless if these corporations are ethical or otherwise.

Should I mention that I detest PR firms even moreso that most food corporations? Or is that point already relatively clear?

I bring this up because I recieved an e-mail from a PR firm asking me to do a little posting for them, on behalf of their client – Dannon Yogurt. Their desire? A post about the charity that Dannon it supports…a charity, that I should mention in the course of full disclosure that I have given to in the past and whose goals I laud and agree with : Second Harvest.

The tact in which they wish to give money to Second Harvest? From the E-mail:

The page features a graphical “givingˮ button. Every time this button is clicked, it will trigger a $1 donation — or the equivalent of 15 meals — to America’s Second Harvest up to a total of $75,000(emphasis mine – Kate). Once the donation button is clicked, each user will also have the opportunity to let a friend know about it via a special Dannon/America’s Second Harvest e-card. When this e-card is sent, the original $1 donation will be doubled!

This is where I’m a bit peeved. Dannon wishes between 37,500-70,000 people, to visit their website, a website that is chock-full of advertising for their own products.

Hey Dannon, here’s an idea: How about just giving Second Harvest the full $75,000 without making an advertisement campaign out of it? You could do a press release and everything. Or, if you wish to make this entire episode to seem less of a ad campaign, up the cap of how much you wish to reach, say…750,000 dollars. But $75,000? 75k is pocket change for you, and we all know it.

Perhaps I’m cynical, perhaps even jaded…but to me, having your PR company shill the idea that you’re charitable is shallow and classless, whether your motives are pure or not.

To my readers…I do want you to give to Second Harvest, if you are so inclined. Here’s the link.

Am I off the edge here? Should a corporations charity event be advertised? If so, what’s the best way to go about it? My guess that sending an e-mail to bloggers that is clearly cut & pasted is not the most efficient means. If someone is willing to make the argument for Dannon, I’d be willing to listen.