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The Quest for the Best – Gin


One of the benefits of not knowing anything  is that it gives me the opportunity to change certain gaps within my knowledge. So when I say “I don’t know gin”, what that means is that I can take a task to learn enough about gin to have an educated opinion about it.

In my experience, the best way to determine the best product of any sort is a side by side comparison.  Whether it’s Merlot or cola, if you take two different brands of each, set them down side by side and taste, an opinion will be formed. After some comparison and thought, most people, myself included, will have determined which one is superior to the other.

I, in my eternal sense of opportunity, have decided to expand this to sixteen different brands of gin. Over the course of the next few months, I will pit one brand of gin over another, and have one final champion.  Not only will have pick my favorite, but you, the reader will have a say as well, and through the use of polls and dialogue, you folks should have your own collective winner as well. It’s within the realm of possibilities that what I like is different from what the collective readership may like, because taste is subjective like that.

The list of gins is not comprehensive; not by a long shot. I did take all of those suggested in a previous post, and then added a few of my own. I added both “high end” and “low end”, rare and popular, both under the tenuous premise of providing  balance. Then they were picked by random and placed in the bracket.  If, by chance, there is a brand of gin that you think should be added, we’ll place it up against the ultimate winner(s). If it’s as good as you believe it is, we should be able to make that assessment.

So, over the course of the next few days and weeks, I’ll announce the pairings, have you guys vote, and then at the end of closing, announce the reader’s winner, and then my own.  By September, we should have a winner.