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Vietnemese New Year

I was able to make it to the Tết Festival down at the Seattle Center today. Out in front they were making grilled Bun Thit Nuong (Vietnamese rice noodles with pork and vegetables). Lord have Mercy were they tasty. Topped with a bit of Chili Sauce and a decent dollop of fish sauce splashed on top, this dish has me wondering just how much I am missing when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine.

Yeah, its basically a grilled kabob. You have a problem with that? I don’t. Especially since they marinate the pork in lime juice and chili paste. We are talking SPicy with a capital “SPuh”.

I did get to watch the cooking demonstration as well, which consisted of marinated shrimp on a large George Foreman Grill. I’ll let you decide for yourself what that means.

Back to the tent selling the Vietnamese food. They were also selling Bun Cha Gio (Egg Rolls with Noodles), Thit Nuong (BBQ Pork without the noodles) and Sau Dau Nanh (Soy Bean Milk). Alas, I missed out on the soy bean milk.

The Tết festival tomorrow with another cooking demonstration and other events. It’s located at the Fischer pavilion at the Seattle Center.