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Trump Vodka

He’s tasteless, transparent and too large of a dose of him can make a person ill.
I don’t know what other people are saying, but I think Donald Trump is the perfect person to have a vodka named after them.
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The Great Vodka Whitewash

I recieved the following news articles about vodka from no less than three seperate people. In it, the article discusses the European Union members which raw materials should be allowed should be allowed in vodka.

EU member states are currently quarrelling over what raw materials should be allowed, with some countries saying any agricultural produce is acceptable and others arguing that real vodka is made only from grain or potato. (Emphasis is the BBC’s)

First, let’s be clear here. This isn’t about terroir or vodka purity. This is about adding entry restrictions to a billion dollar industry. The Scandinavian and Baltic states would like to keep the industries (and income) they have, while other countries would like to get a piece of that action.

Second, Vodka is a weird beast in that the better it is, the less it actually tastes of anything. In the perfect world, vodka is at least 40% pure C2H6O with the rest being pure H2O. Any flavor discerned in vodka comes from either the mineral elements found in the water and/or the distillation process itself. The amount of vodka “flavor” comes from the raw ingredient is so minimal as to be nearly irrelevant.

Or to put it another way, It’s possible that I can take a a bottle of scotch and a bottle of brandy, filter them both to the nth degree, and end up with vodka that is nearly indistinguishable from the other. A simplification to be sure, but I think it get’s my point across.

I can appreciate folks trying to protect their business. But to say that vodka can only come from grains or potatoes is akin to saying that sugar can only come from sugar beets or sugar cane.

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Irony is…

…selling a Vodka named after a celebrity who died from mixing sleeping pills with alcohol, and then choking to death in his sleep.

Lucky for us, they also sell vodka in habenero AND pomegranate.

Potatoes and Vodka

As I am in the midst of doing several posts on Potatoes, I figured now was as good as time as any to discuss vodka. Of course, I was working under the assumption that potatoes made great vodka. Of course, I was working under what is known as a misapprehension.

It seems that vodka cab not only be made with potatoes, but also with rye, wheat, barley, corn, molasses, even onions or beets. In fact, as long as you have water, yeast, and some sort of carbon based product that ferments in water and yeast, you can pretty much make vodka from anything.

When the Russians called Vodka “little water”, they really weren’t far off the mark. Although there is a contigency of vodka fanatics who claim that the purer the vodka the better, as with water it’s the impurities of the liquid that gives each variety its unique character. The real question surrounding vodka is which characteristics are worth keeping and which are worth filtering out.

At its core, and at it’s perfect best, vodka is simply 40% ethanol and 60% water. The quality is then determined on how pure the ethanol and how pure the water. The lesser quality of water, the lesser quality is the vodka as a whole. However, if you have a Brita filter, it is said that you can remove the impurities and improve the quality of the vodka by running it through a filter a few times.

There are people who can tell the difference between a Skyy Vodka and a Ketel One vodka. The difference in taste is so subtle, that few people can do this and do this well, especially when they compare the purer vodkas against one another. Tasting brand differences is made more difficult when you mix the vodka with any number of mixers. My guess is that very few people can tell the difference between a screwdriver made with Grey Goose and one made with Absolut. If you are one of these people, I would like to see it first hand.

I like vodka, for a variety of reasons. But I know that I’m not one of those people who can discern the subtle variations between brands. I can tell good vokda from bad, but that’s about as far as it goes.

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