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Open Source Beer

Looking to start your own brewery? Wanting an interesting recipe? You might want to give the folks at Vores Ol a buzz. They’re offering their recipe to anyone who wants it…for free.

It’s open source and under Creative Commons license. If you wish to use it, you have to use their recipe to brew the beer or to create a derivative of their recipe. You are free to earn money from the Beer, but you have to publish the recipe under the same license (e.g. on your website or on our forum) and credit their work. You can use all thier design and branding elements, and are free to change them at will provided you publish your changes under the same license (“Attribution & Share Alike”).

Their FAQ for this is located here.

Their recipe?

Recipe for approx. 85 ltr. Vores Øl (Our Beer) (approx. 6% alchohol by volume).
Malt extract

For Vores Øl use four types malted barley:

  • 6 kg pilsner malt
  • 4 kg münsner malt
  • 1 kg caramel malt
  • 1 kg lager malt

The malt is crushed and put in 55-60°C hot water for 1-2 hours.

The mixture is filtered and the liquid now contains about 10 kg malt extract.
Taste and sugar

Besides malt use:

  • 60 g Tetnang bitter hops
  • 50 g Hallertaver aroma hops
  • 300 g Guarana beans
  • 4 kg sugar

(Guarana beans can typically be bought at health food stores).

The malt extact is brought to a boil in a large pot with the hops and approx. 70 ltr. of water.

After half an hour, the Guarana beans and sugar is added.

The mixture simmers for about an hour, and is then filtered and cooled in a sealed container.


Yeast is added and the beer is fermented at room temperature for approx. 2 weeks.

When the beer is fully fermented it is transferred to bottles. First 4 g sugar is added per liter and some yeast from the bottom of the fermentation tanks for priming.

Vores Øl is then left in the bottles at room temperature for 8-10 days for carbonation. Then the beer is ready to enjoy; cold and refreshing.

This recipe is under a Creative Commons license. This is the one you need to use if you use the above recipe.