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WBW: Wacky Wine Names: 2003 Wolf Trap


Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.

That’s all I can say in regard to the wine I chose for this round of Wine Blogging Wednesday. I walked into Larry’s, up to the person in charge of wine, and asked “Which wine name makes you giggle?”

Her response?

A bottle of 2003 Wolftrap.

I can hear you now….”Huh? WolfTrap? How is that name wacky?”

Well, you see. Wolftrap is a South African wine. And it’s name comes from the fact that when the Dutch moved into the area back during their colonial phase, they brought a fair amount of wolf traps in order to protect themselves. There was only one problem with this:

There are no wolves in South Africa.

So you have a wine so named because it pokes fun at the Dutch. Ha Ha.. ha…ha…



Okay, it’s kinda lame. To add inury to (Dutch) insults, the wine is fairly horrible. I should have noticed that right off the bat when no varietal is mention on the wine label. Although I was able to find out that the 2003 WolfTrap is a detailed blend of 7.1% Syrah, 11.78% Ruby Cabernet, 12.4% Pinotage, 45.33% Cinsault, 9.39% Grenache and 13.99% Cabernet Sauvignon. Which equals 100% liquid bile. Those who claim that this wine ‘is powerfully aromatic with soft, jammy, lush, and spicy redcurrant aromas and an edge of smoky bacon’ obviously got a batch that I did not. The after taste of this wine was as bitter as Condoleezza Rice’s attitude towards Senator Barbara Boxer. It tastes both watered down, and the tannins are overwhelming.

Foods to eat with this wine? Twinkies…three day old pizza…road kill.

What a horrible wine.